Sensibio H2O eye

Ultra-cleanliness and removal of waterproof eye and lip makeup, Strengthen your eyelashes


Leave-on daily cleanser

Sensitive skin

Biphase Micellar Technology

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Adults, Teens

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95% eliminates waterproof eyes/lip make-up & pollutants (1)

  • Patented Biphase Micellar Technology for ultra-cleanliness and removal of waterproof eye and lip makeup with no rubbing
  • Optimal ratio of the two phase 7:3 (Micellar & Lipophilic) offers sweet and comfort to the skin without any greasy film
  • Provitamin B5 helps moisturize and strengthen your eyelashes, leaving them denser and thicker
  • Limit inflammation, soothe and strengthen skin barrier of the fragile areas around the lips & eye contours
  • Tested under ophthalmological supervision and with contact lens wearers
  • High tolerance soothing
  • Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin)
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All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

Sensibio H2O Eye features our innovative biphase micellar technology with the optimal ratio of the two phase 70:30 without any greasy film on the skin surface, that effectively cleanses & removes waterproof eye & lip makeup without rubbing! Sensibio H2O Eye's formula is perfectly proportioned to thoroughly remove make-up, while offering maximum sensory appeal while minimizing the risk of irritation. It leaves skin soft, comfortable and moisturized. It can also strengthen the skin barrier of the fragile areas around the lips & eye contours.

Eyes and eyelids

Shake well before use. 

  • Step 1 Pour solution to cotton pad(s).
  • Step 2 Place soaked cotton pad over eyes for 5 seconds and gently wipe across to cleanse & remove eye & lip make-up.

Eco-design of our products: We work daily on the improvement of our products to minimise their environmental impact: Most of our products are made of 100% recyclable plastic. All our outerboxes are 100% recyclable and made of paper from sustainably managed forests. Sorting instructions: Please refer to local sorting instructions to recycle your product the most properly

95% eliminates waterproof eyes/lip make-up & pollutants (2)  without rubbing (1)

95% moisturized the skin lastingly (1)

100% immediately soothes the fragile eye contour area (1)

(1) Use test, % of satisfaction, on 30 subjects (2) Anti-pollution test, on 14 subjects, (CERCO N°025.NAOS-CrYH16-TE-Charbon-Stripp.19.1) – France, March 2019  (3) Efficacy on eyelashes on 33 subjects, France, May 2021

93% reinforce eyelashes & eyeslids (1)

This product has been formulated according to the ecobiological approach of the NAOS Laboratories to take care of you. At the heart of this product :

Biphase Micellar Technology performs effectively and gently to cleanse & remove even the most stubborn & waterproof eye & lip makeup - minimal to no rubbing required.

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